You are what you eat. Don’t just take my word for it- go and stand outside a fast food restaurant and see what comes through the door. Nutrition is 80% of the battle and it is imperative that you look as much, if not more, at what you put in your mouth as the amount of time you spend exercising. 

Food dictates your mood, your energy levels, your digestion, skin, hair and body and most of all why you chose this book, YOUR SHAPE 

It is imperative that during your training with me that you pay attention to what you are being taught about nutrition and what you eat and drink! Eating is not cheating if it is done in the correct manner. 

My philosophy on nutrition is to eat nothing artificial, combine good carbs, fats and proteins at every meal, eat at least 5 times a day, and keep it clean. The more discipline you have with exercise and what goes in your mouth, the better performance you will get from your body in the long term. 

Those of you that succeed will do so as a result of your diligence to read the manual and videos time and time again. I believe that the information I give you here is factual not anecdotal and will act as a blueprint to your success. Make notes in it, mark pages highlight your favorite recipes and enjoy your new formed body, it is yours to keep, so do not abuse it! 


As a Personal Fitness Coach I believe that for the best results nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. However, I also realise that whilst some people are motivated to follow their own exercise regime, they still need support and advice about their nutrition which is why I offer 1 2 1 nutritional consultations face to face or online. During these nutritional consultations I solely focus on how we can optimise your food for you, your goals and your lifestyle.

What Are The Benefits of Booking A Nutritional Consultation? 

  1. Booking a nutritional consultation is not just for those people who want to lose weight or drop body fat, everyone can benefit from a nutritional consultation. 
  2. To optimise your training, getting your nutrition right is a must. Booking a nutritional consultation will help to hit those goals you desire and might be the missing link to hitting those goals once and for all.
  3. Ensure you have the right balance of macro-nutrients in your diet
  4. Improve other lifestyle factors such as sleep and energy levels.
  5.  If you’re someone who exercises a lot then a nutritional consultation will ensure you are fuelling your body sufficiently.


Nutritional Consultation (60 minutes) – £49

You will be asked to complete a 5 day food diary which I will be analysing and feedback given. Improvements to your diet, based upon your lifestyle and goals, will be provided during your consultation.

Health Assessment – Body Mass, BMI, % Body Fat, Inches, Blood Pressure
4 week Individual workout Program to progress

Monthly Follow Up Session (45 minutes) – £40 per session or £99 for 3 (1 a month)

Meet with me either face to face or on Skype to discuss your progress. Every month you will be asked to complete a food diary to assess your progress and see how successful you have been at implementing my recommendations. Also as you see your goals your macros will need to be recalculated to ensure your progress towards your goals we set are continued. Plus 4 week Individual workout Program to progress


* Health Assessment – Body Mass, BMI, % Body Fat, Inches, Blood Pressure

Just call me at 07540 893023
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Russell Byham
07540 893023

P.S. This is for all nervous or advance fitness levels who are willing to learn and see progression to a another level