Over the years of training so many... Life takres over and we all face obstacles.. THATS LIFE!

THese are some of the Questions I have been faced with.. Simple answers

I thinking of signing up to your transformation plan, but I have a holiday booked during the plan, what shall I do?

What Is the Best Way to Lose Fat?

If I Lift Weights, Will I Get Bigger Muscles?

How Do I Get a Flat Stomach?

Should I Do more Cardio and weight training than it says on my program?? 

Do I Need to Take Dietary Supplements?

What Is My Target Heart Rate?

What Is the Difference Between Weight Machines and Free Weights?

Why Are My Muscles Sore After a Workout?

How Do I Get Rid of These Flabby Arms?

How Often Should I Work Out/Lift Weights?

What are the main benefits of working with you rather than a personal trainer at my gym?

If I stop training with you will my muscles turn to fat?

Is there a maintence program I could go on to afer my transformation?

How much time out of my week does mitransformation plan take?

When is the best time to workout on the mitransformation?

How long does it take to see results from the mitransformation?

What should the amount of sleep be during the workouts be?

I cannot follow the Insanity diet plan – what should I do?